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Katadyn Watermakers

The Survivor series watermakers are the world's smallest desalinators and are essential for any emergency kit.  You don't have to sacrifice safety because of space or weight constraints.

The Survivor 06 and the Survivor 35 are hand operated and widely used by the U.S and international military groups, voyagers, and adventurers worldwide.  These systems are durable and long lasting so you will never be left without fresh water in an emergency.

The Survivor 40E and 80E are 12-volt powered systems that produce plenty of drinking water while putting the least demand on your power supplies.  The 40E draws only 4 amps to make water.  The simple construction and rugged design allows for easy operation and maintenance.  With its space-saving design, it can be fit in the smallest compartment.  In the event of a power shortage, the 40E is only system that can be converted to a hand operated system.

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  • PowerSurvivor 40E Watermaker

    Regular Price: $4,270.00

    Special Price $4,056.50

    PowerSurvivor 40E Watermaker

    Provides 1.5 gallons per hour and requires minimal space.
  • Power Survivor 35 Watermaker

    Regular Price: $2,395.00

    Special Price $2,275.25

    Power Survivor 35 Watermaker

    A lightweight emergency watermaker at 7 pounds makes 1.2 gallons per h...
  • Survivor 06 Watermaker

    Regular Price: $1,295.00

    Special Price $1,230.25

    Survivor 06 Watermaker

    The Survivor 06 is the worlds smallest desalinator.  It will make...

3 Item(s)

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