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Don't Get Stalled at Sea

A contaminated diesel fuel tank can become a serious safety concern especially when sea conditions agitate settled contaminants in the tank. Contamination can foul your fuel system’s filtration, pick-up tube, or fuel line, leaving your boat stalled at sea.

Our fuel-cleaning machine features a centrifuge, which is far more efficient than other pump-and-filter systems. It’s important to first slow the velocity of the fuel considerably, preventing free-water droplets and contaminates from emulsifying with the fuel. These impurities accumulate and remain at the bottom of the chamber until purged. In a secondary chamber, the fuel migrates through three perforated baffle plates to stop any particulates and attract, by way of coalescence, any water droplets still remaining. The fuel then enters a third chamber, passing through a 1-micron filter/water separator, removing minute impurities.

The technicians continue this process, collecting debris, while agitating the fuel with the return line of clean fuel. Once the largest particles have been removed, a biocide is introduced to help dislodge deposits in hard-to-reach places; behind baffles or stuck to tank walls, for example. The technician continues the cleansing process, continually monitoring the catch chambers of both the centrifuge and 1-micron fuel filter. Once these cambers show the fuel to be free of water and debris, the process is stopped.